Key Features

  • Landscape design and install
  • Hardscape design and install
  • Lighting design and install
  • Irrigation install
  • Ongoing maintenance

Project Overview

Gainesville, Florida | 3+ Years

Your backyard is a sanctuary for you and your family. It’s where memories are made outdoors! However, often a backyard gets overgrown creating a space that’s convoluted, unpleasant, and disconnected from the other areas of the property.

In this specific project, our client asked us to help clean up and revitalize their backyard space which was for a long time neglected and improperly maintained. 


Our team of experts, after some thoughtful evaluations, sectioned the work into three phases so that the design can be aesthetically pleasing and functional:

  1. Cleaning Phase
  2. Reshaping Phase
  3. Maintenance Phase


The client’s backyard was extremely overgrown with oversized shrubs, and wild weeds which were causing the space to be perceived as cluttered. Furthermore, the neglected area had clods of earth scattered all over the place indicating improper maintenance throughout the years.

During this phase, our team started by filling out the earth clods with grass, cutting down the shrubs, and ended up by mowing the lawn.

These actions made sure that the backyard resulted in being spacious and healthy just like our client wanted.


The second phase of the project was to add mulch, reshape the overall area and give it defined edges so that it would bring order and enhance its aesthetics.


The third and final phase included our expert horticulturists planning and executing a long-term maintenance plan for the client where we commit to preserve the investment and keep their backyard healthy and lushful!

The Transformation

Here at SkyFrog Landscape, we design and create unique projects for our clients based on what they have envisioned for their spaces and our area’s unique climate.

We want you to bring any dream you have for your landscape to life and be happy for many years to come.

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The Transformation