Landscape Irrigation

Keeping your Gainesville, FL landscape hydrated is one of the most important components of its maintenance. At SkyFrog Landscape, we understand the role of proper irrigation in the overall health and vitality of your lawn, which is why we offer comprehensive installation, maintenance, and inspection services for your customized irrigation system. Choosing a sprinkler system over manual watering, you can rest assured that you are not under or over-watering your lawn and instead ensuring the perfect amount of necessary hydration.

An irrigation system:

  • Efficiently regulates water usage and prevents water waste.
  • Allows you to save time and effort you would otherwise spend dragging a garden hose around.
  • Causes less moisture loss to runoff.
  • Can lower monthly water bills.
  • Enables effortless compliance with local ordinances regarding water usage.
  • Helps you prevent damage to your landscape.

In addition to installing new sprinkler systems, we also offer maintenance and repair on existing equipment. To ensure that your irrigation system is working as it should, we offer our Gainesville, FL residential and commercial clients the option to schedule “wet checks” on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Landscape irrigation by SkyFrog Landscape

Irrigation Designed with Your Yard in Mind

We want to hear your desired outcome for your yard, any issues you may have experienced, or any big projects you have planned. We begin every project with an on-site inspection and consultation. We then take into consideration your turf type, plant species, shade cover, and soil, as well as the water condition at your home or business.

Next, we design a thoughtful estimate and, once you have approved it, we get to work installing your sprinklers. And, don’t worry that sprinkler installation is a lengthy process – most projects can be done in a few days and with minimal to no interruption to your daily life.

After installation is complete, a SkyFrog technician will guide you through usage and answer any questions you may have. We will ensure that you are comfortable operating your new sprinkler system on your own and, if issues ever arise in the future, we are always here to help!

Irrigation Maintenance & Repair

Perhaps you’re having issues with your current sprinkler system. We inspect and treat any irrigation system problems as soon as they arise, including:

  • Adjusting spray heads
  • Automating the spray schedule
  • Cleaning clogged nozzles
  • Identifying busted valves or broken sprinkler heads
  • Detecting any leaks

We aim to fix small problems before they become big problems, and we are happy to inspect your sprinkler system if you ever feel it isn’t performing properly.