The Benefits of a Coastal Source Outdoor Audio System

Adding outdoor sound to your home has many advantages, including:

  • Speakers are designed to be weather-resistant to withstand the elements. 
  • Bluetooth functionality enables you to play audio from any device. 
  • Speaker systems are fully customizable for your needs, and different styles can be combined for optimal sound quality. 
  • Coastal Source speakers can be installed above or below ground and are integrable with existing audio systems. 

Outdoor audio allows for a wholly integrated experience with uniform sound, even volume, and clarity across the varied spaces of your yard. Coastal Source offers improved performance, greater efficiency, and increased fidelity when compared to traditional outdoor speakers, bringing a clean, crisp sound that heightens your outdoor entertainment. 

Pool outdoor audio setup

Our Outdoor Audio Process 

Home Demonstration

When you’re interested in adding outdoor audio to your landscape, we provide free home demonstrations so you can experience the difference it can make in your lifestyle. We show you how to turn up the volume on your family’s outdoor fun year-round.

Consultation and Assessment

We work closely with our clients to determine what goals you have for your outdoor entertainment sound systems. After we have held a consultation, our skilled team does an on-site assessment at your property to determine where speakers would work best so as not to disrupt your existing landscape’s features. 


Then we get busy and start designing where your speakers should be placed. The number and configuration of the speakers and subwoofers are customized to suit your needs best. Coastal Source provides reliable, durable, weather-resistant equipment that can withstand Florida’s unpredictable conditions and keep cranking out premium sound for your listening enjoyment. 

Installation and Service

Next, our expert audio team gets started on the installation of your sound system. Coastal Source offers speedy installation due to its Plug and Play cabling. Then, we are there for you through all of your outdoor audio maintenance needs for inspections and adjustments, as well as any repair needs that may arise. 

SkyFrog Is the Sound Choice for Your Outdoor Audio

SkyFrog Landscape is committed to providing you with the ultimate outdoor experiences through expert landscape design, maintenance, fertilizer and pest services, hardscaping, lighting, irrigation, and audio services. When you choose to add an outdoor audio system for your complete enjoyment of your landscape, our knowledgeable team is your support from start to finish, taking you from design to installation and maintenance to repair. Start basking in the beautiful sound of music — or podcasts, news, sports, and more — while you relax, unwind, gather, and celebrate outdoors with friends and family. 

Contact SkyFrog today for your free demonstration and/or estimate. We are here to help you find out more about our Coastal Source partnership and how it can make a difference in how you experience the outdoors!