Outdoor Audio: A Sound Investment

You’ve done everything possible to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis for you and your guests. You have beautiful landscaping and lighting, and your lawn looks immaculate from SkyFrog’s effective fertilizer and irrigation services. 

But you notice that something is missing from your outside gatherings with friends and family — it’s too quiet. Thankfully, today’s technology means you don’t have to relegate the sweet sounds of music (and podcasts, sports, and tv, to name just a few) inside. Instead, take the party out of the house with outdoor audio entertainment. 

The Benefits of Outdoor Audio

Here in Florida, we get to enjoy being outdoors for more of the year than our northern neighbors. An outdoor sound system gives you the ultimate outdoor entertainment that you can enjoy year-round, and SkyFrog has partnered with Coastal Source to provide our customers with the best in outdoor sound systems. 

Beyond that, there are a few other distinct benefits to investing in outdoor audio. 


Unlike the equipment used for indoor sound, outdoor speaker systems are specifically designed to withstand dust and insects, as well as harsh elements such as our unrelenting heat and frequent summer showers. Coastal Source was founded in Florida, so they understand our unique conditions, and they design and build all of their products in-house, ensuring quality.


When you try to take an indoor speaker outside or use one designed to be portable, it may provide sound, but it won’t be good sound, and you will have to turn up the volume to a high level to hear it all over your yard. In addition, the speaker will likely cut in and out and give you grainy, inconsistent sound. On the other hand, high-performance outdoor speakers give you clear, enveloping, crisp, and beautiful sound that you and your guests can enjoy. 


With Coastal Source’s quality outdoor speaker equipment, you don’t have to worry about connection failures as you would with some outdoor speaker systems. Coastal Source uses a waterproof cabling system that removes the need for additional installation costs to cut, splice, and waterproof your wiring at your home, so you can rest assured you will get reliable, uncompromising sound every time. 


Coastal Source’s selection of top-quality products includes bollards, subwoofers, and speakers of various sizes and functionality that allow you to fully customize your entertainment for backyard surround sound. In addition, this equipment can be mixed and matched and fully integrated and installed across multiple zones wherever it suits your yard’s needs the best. This gives you the ability to hear what your speakers are playing from wherever you are in your yard. 

Landscaping Beauty

Another benefit of today’s outdoor speaker systems is that they are no longer the bulky, unattractive eyesores of yesterday. Instead, Coastal Source’s products are sleek and modern, able to complement and enhance your unique landscaping elements. Further, they can be placed where they are discrete or where they will be part of your landscape’s look. So rather than detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your yard, today’s outdoor speakers blend in with your landscaping style while also standing out in a good way. 

Get the (Outdoor) Party Started With SkyFrog

When you’ve done everything possible to make your backyard somewhere you want to be all the time, but there is still something missing, the answer is outdoor audio. When you combine SkyFrog Landscape’s expert design and installation services with Coastal Source’s highest quality outdoor speaker equipment, you can confidently bring the party outside to you at any time of day or night. Contact us today to schedule your outdoor audio appointment to go over our options and how they can enhance the outside experience for your family and guests all year long.