Sweeten Your Florida Landscape With Aromatherapy

Are you looking to add another dimension to your curb appeal? We all know the power that strong curb appeal holds. How much more inviting is the summery scent of blooming flowers? Plus, fragrant flowers make your garden an aromatherapy haven. A study from The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley found that taking time to appreciate the beauty around you is correlated with higher life satisfaction —what better way than to stop and smell the roses!

Here at SkyFrog Landscape, we’ve used our expertise about the North Central Florida landscape to compile a list of our best-smelling favorites so you can turn your landscape into a sweet-smelling escape.

Fragrant Flowers

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” is our mantra when it comes to beating the heat in Gainesville. We decided to work with the sun this summer to brighten up our floral collection with these Florida-friendly plants.

1. Southern Magnolia

The Southern Magnolia tree is an anchor of aromatherapy. Known for the serene atmosphere it creates, this broadleaf evergreen tree produces white flowers with a Champagne-like scent. These trees do best in partial shade.

2. Drift Rose

Drift roses are timeless beauties that bring elegance to your garden. They thrive in full sun, making them the perfect additions to your outdoor space this summer. Once your drift roses complete their first growing season, they benefit greatly from fertilization.

The Coral Drift and Sweet Drift variants are the most fragrant of this beautiful rose family. The Sweet Drift Roses bloom with elegant pink flowers continuously throughout the year, while the Coral Drift Roses are especially heat tolerant and produce vibrant orange blooms.

3. Vitex

Vitex are beautiful deciduous shrubs with lilac, pink and white flowers that prefer full sun. These plants are low maintenance, blooming from spring to fall. Their sweet aroma even welcomes butterflies to complement your beautiful landscape!

4. Sweet Almond Bush

To fill your garden with the warm scent of vanilla and hints of almond, consider this evergreen staple. The Sweet Almond Bush is a large deciduous shrub with fragrant white flowers. It thrives in full sun with partial shade, and we encourage fertilizing this bush to ensure its year-round health.

5. Gardenia

Perhaps the most notable Southern flower is the gardenia. This tender evergreen shrub produces white flowers that are dynamic in scent, with sweet undertones of coconut and peach during the day and waves of zest in the evening. Applying fertilizer during the gardenia’s active periods in the spring and summer helps maintain its beautiful green leaves and fresh-smelling flowers.

SkyFrog Helps You Freshen Your Slice of Florida

With our vast plant palette to help you further your research, SkyFrog Landscape offers endless design opportunities. Let’s bring your landscaping dreams to life! Contact us today for a free estimate on your project and learn more about what we can do to escalate your outdoor space.