Proper nutrition is essential to achieve a green, healthy lawn. Without the correct nutrients, your grass may lose its lush appearance and look yellowed or thin. Worse, your grass could die. 

At SkyFrog, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all fertilization solution. Instead, our horticultural experts create a fertilization plan designed specifically for your residential or commercial turf type, tree cover, irrigation, and plants. 

Our fertilization services are:

  • scientifically formulated for your unique needs.
  • designed to prevent weed growth and control insects and disease. 
  • tested regularly to ensure efficacy.
  • combined with our landscaping plans for optimum lawn health. 
  • consistent year-round to keep your lawn looking and growing its best. 

Further, our knowledgeable team fertilizes your lawn according to its dormancy and growth periods, ensuring that no matter what stage your Gainesville, FL turf is in, it will always be healthy. 

Pest Control Services 

Landscape pest control is an integral part of a comprehensive landscape service plan. SkyFrog’s expert technicians perform thorough inspections to identify any pests your lawn is playing host to and then create a personalized pest control plan.

SkyFrog pest services include 12 visits per year. We scout for pests during each visit, including insects, weeds, and fungus, and we treat these as needed. Our pest treatments are designed to maintain the integrity of your lawn while keeping pests out of it. 

Contact SkyFrog Landscape today to find out how our fertilization and pest control services will benefit you and allow you to have the lush, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted!  

SkyFrog Landscape plants blooming