Managing Your Landscaping Budget in Today’s Economy

Despite today’s rough economy and the increasing effects of rising inflation, your landscape will continue to do what it does naturally — grow. This means that no matter what is happening in the world, you will need landscape maintenance to keep your property healthy and safe for you and your family. 

Your SkyFrog Landscape team is here to help you maximize your landscaping budget so your Gainesville, Florida lawn looks beautiful and your wallet thanks you. Read on to learn more about where to spend and where to save to make your money go further for your landscape.

Where to Put Your Landscaping Dollars 

Along with the tasks listed below, keeping your lawn property mowed will go a long way in adding to the attractiveness of your landscape. When it comes to mowing your grass, your budget shouldn’t be the only thing you cut. 

Tree Trimming 

In hurricane season, removing dead or decaying limbs is a smart move for safety and aesthetics. The cost to repair damage to your property from these items falling is more than the cost to remove them, so it’s always worth putting your landscaping spend to take care of these before they become bigger issues. 

Pest Control

Another place to continue spending during the lean economy season is your landscape’s pest control. The last thing you want to do is spend money on caring for your trees and plants but neglect to protect them from pests that could easily destroy them. Maintaining your pest control is necessary to keep your trees and plants healthy. 

Where to Save Your Landscaping Money 

New Trees and Plants 

When trying to be frugal with your landscaping budget, it is good not to have any new trees or plants installed or to decrease the number of new vegetation you invest in. If you follow the above tips, your existing trees and plants will look healthy and beautiful, so adding new items is an option rather than a necessity for the aesthetics of your landscape. 

New Irrigation

Keeping your trees and plants properly hydrated is paramount to their health so that you can fight inflation with proper hydration. But in times of economic downturn, you may not want to put your landscaping budget toward new irrigation systems. Professionally installed sprinklers provide strategic, custom watering solutions for your landscape, so this is not something you want to ignore completely. If your existing sprinkler system is malfunctioning, we can inspect and repair it for you. And if it’s broken completely, we can work with you to determine which new system will work best for you. 

Maximize Your Landscaping Budget With SkyFrog

Of course, one of the best things to do when trying to stretch your landscaping budget as far as it can go is to use a company that you can rely on to do quality work. You don’t want to have to spend your money to redo or fix something that was done incorrectly. With your trusted SkyFrog Landscaping team, you can rest assured that your Gainesville lawn looks great no matter what the economy is doing. For more insight on what you can focus on vs. waiting to address or to get a free estimate, contact us today!